Aqua Aura Gold 12" E +30

This is a big bowl with a full-bodied harmonic.  A great standalone or bass line for a big set!

Aqua Aura Gold is 24K Gold bonded to quartz crystal.  One of the most popular elements at Crystal Harmonics, Aqua Aura Gold is reminiscent of the clear blue waters surrounding our islands and projects the dolphin energy so prevalent here. No wonder! It has a strong connection to Hawaii’s Lemurian energies.  Use Aqua Aura Gold during meditation to facilitate deep peace, to connect to the primordial waters of creation.  Named for its rich aquamarine color, Aqua Aura Gold manifests as an electric or sky blue crystal with subtle flashes of rainbow iridescence.  This element activates the Throat chakra, works with the Thymus and immune system and stimulates channeling self-expression and deepens one's spiritual attunement and communication. It is protective and safe guards against psychic or psychological attack. The "E" tuning of this bowl works with the Solar Plexus Chakra, enhancing your core.


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