Blue Moonstone 10" B +20

We love the soft glow and strong voice of this bowl. Moonstone encourages inner harmony, new beginnings and rebirth. Supporting inner balance, peace, harmony, and intuition, Blue Moonstone, also known as the “lovers’ stone”, enhances passion, balancing yin and yang.

Judy Hall says this about Blue Moonstone:

“Blue Moonstone is a refined high-vibrational stone…an activation stone par excellence, having a powerful effect on unawakened potential and creating a gateway to exceedingly high levels of consciousness and multi-dimensions. This stone creates a subtle geometric merkaba-shaped energetic pathway in the physical brain, linking the alta-major (past-life) chakras with the hypothalamus, hippocampus, pineal and pituitary glands, and the third eye and soma chakras. This opens a higher-dimensional space within the brain, anchored to the thymus and higher heart chakra so that it manifests within the physical world."

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10" Blue Moonstone B +20


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