Charcoal/Ocean Gold 6" D -45

Charcoal/Ocean Gold

This fusion of gold and charcoal is visually stunning and has a pleasing soprano sound. The luminescent Blue Ocean Gold inside balances the earthy gray of the charcoal exterior. Named for its rich aquamarine color, Ocean Gold manifests as an electric or sky blue crystal with subtle flashes of rainbow iridescence. This element activates the Throat Chakra, works with the Thymus and immune system and stimulates channeling self-expression and deepens one's spiritual attunement and communication. It is protective and safe guards against psychic or psychological attack.

The exterior glows with the essence of bamboo charcoal, often used in physical and spiritual healing because of its ability to absorb toxins and impurities. Quartz crystal with charcoal creates neutralizing positive ions in a waveform that “makes everyday life better.” An antidote for poisons in the body and environment, charcoal can help uplift and remove negative states of being. The Charcoal Bowl can help dissipate confusion and achieve balance. With intention, this bowl can be a helping agent for removing negativity, bringing about hope and nurturing.

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6" Charcoal/Ocean Gold D -45


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