Charcoal/Platinum 6" D +25

This little powerhouse is a great clearing bowl.

Platinum is a catalyst that accelerates any process and the charcoal alchemy works on the energetic level just like the filter in your water system at home.

This bowl will make a great sound portal for clarity, personal vision and release of physical, emotional, and spiritual toxins. Highly prized in ancient Egypt as early as 1550 BC, and for centuries in Japan, bamboo and other charcoals are often used in physical and spiritual healing because of their ability to absorb toxins and impurities. Quartz crystal with charcoal creates neutralizing positive ions in a waveform that “makes everyday life better.” An antidote for poisons in the body and environment, charcoal can help uplift and remove negative states of being.

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6" Charcoal/Platinum D +25


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