Indian Pipestone w/ Platinum Inside 9" A# -20 (432 True Tone)

Indian Pipestone

This is a shaman’s bowl with a throaty full sound. Though the “A#” tuning works with the Third Eye and Pineal Gland, this alchemy connects us to the earth spirits. This is a bowl for place-making and reconnecting with our divine root.  Pipestone, or Catlinite, has been traditionally used to make ceremonial pipes, vitally important to traditional Plains Indian religious practices. The quarries located in Minnesota are sacred to most of the tribes of North America, Dakota, Lakota, and other tribes of Native Americans, and were neutral territory where all Nations could quarry stone for ceremonial pipes.

The inside of the bowl is coated with platinum. The synergy of the Platinum, Pipestone and Crystal creates a unique experience for the whole body. It is an energetic of joy and purity. Platinum balances the energy centers (Chakras) and meridians of the physical body creating an alignment of the physical body to the etheric body. It detoxifies and aligns the light fields (subtle bodies) and increases the ability to absorb more light. When we engage with the Platinum energetic we are freeing ourselves of judgment and learning to accept ourselves and others.


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Indian Pipestone w/ Platinum Inside 9" A# -20


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