VitaJuwel has revolutionized the way to prepare vital and fresh water at home.  VitaJuwel gem vials are made from lead-free glass and hand-picked gems. We offer several different gem blends, tested by naturopaths and based on the insights of modern crystal healing. Their scientifically proven efficiency make them an essential accessory in health-seeking households worldwide. All of these products are designed with devotion in the German alpine uplands, tested by friends all over the world and traditionally hand-crafted in a patented, artisanal method by master glassblowers in Bohemia.

VitaJuwel Phiolino

Quartz granules, a fiery garnet and an exquisite amethyst. Due to its elegant water drop design, the VitaJuwel Phiolino receives great attention everywhere.

In ancient Greece, wine was treated with amethysts. When translating from classical Greek, amethyst means “the non-intoxicable.” Even before our calculation of time, the Greeks discovered this special effect of gemstones. Selected wineries and professional sommeliers rediscovered this tradition and achieved amazing results.


The gemstones in the VitaJuwel vial maintain the fruity aromas and at the same time result in the tannic acid to be smoother and pleasurable. Of course, you will not be able to magically create the bouquet of a wine of the century, but every exquisite wine will be uniquely refined with VitaJuwel.

VitaJuwel Via Gemwater Bottle

VitaJuwel ViA is a glass bottle with two openings. It's made of high quality, premium glass and comes with an exchangeable bottom piece ("gempod"), filled with a selection of hand-picked gemstones. The patented gempod is manufactured by hand in the Austrian Alps. VitaJuwel ViA is your very personal piece of Jewelry for Water.


The use of gems to vitalize water is a traditional art which was already known to the ancient Greek and wise men and women during medieval times. Recently, this old tradition has been rediscovered. Gemstones have the ability to store energy. That effect makes quartz watches work, for example. Each type of gem, by nature, has its unique kind of energetic information. The gems inside the VitaJuwel ViA vials transfer their information to the water that surrounds the vial and, thus, improve the waters' vitalization level. An effect which regular water drinkers will be able to taste!