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We are a unique center for sound healing and gallery specializing in quartz crystal singing bowls, powerful crystals, jewelry, gifts fine art and more.  We offer a tranquil shopping and learning experience in a beautifully designed meditative space.

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Crystal Harmonics specializes in Alchemy Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and accessories.  We also offer line of products related to healing sounds and the mineral kingdom including a variety of windchimes, the VitaJuwel Gemwater system, fine jewelry, selected crystals, original fine art and more! .

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Immerse yourself in the deep healing waters of Kaua’i as Crystal Lober creates soundscapes evoking the serenity of our beautiful islands.  Featuring the etheric harmonics of master alchemy singing bowls, Deepwater Soundings is a 73-minute sound journey that invites you  to quiet the mind and open the heart.  Deepwater Soundings is also available on iTunes and CDBaby.



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Crystal Harmonics

Sound Art Kauai

5330 Koloa Road

Koloa, Kauai 96756

(808) 651-9954

Daily 11am-5pm

Please note that we closed our Makawao, Maui location.  Be sure to visit us in our original Kaua'i location!

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Want to know more about Sound Healing?

The best way to learn about bowls is to listen to them!

Click on the player below for some samples of our bowls. 

This set of bowls evokes the serenity of the beautiful island of Kaua'i, it is grounded by the 12" Aqua Gold "E" and filled with the loving energy of the Rose/Platinum "B".

The Pele set uses D# and A# and A tunings with fiery 10" Carnelian/Platinum bowl that is evocative of the volcanic source of these islands.

Charged with the energies of all the major Hawaiian islands, this set accompanied Lee carroll on the 2012 Kryon Channelings in the islands.

A few of our videos...