Camp Naue

Our venue, Camp Naue holds a special place in the hearts of Kauai residents and visitors alike. With its beachfront bunkhouse style accommodations, shaded tenting area, camp dining room and bathhouses, Camp Naue has offered a special place for community gatherings since 1926. We honor the tradition of old Kauai by keeping it simple and relaxed offering an authentic experience of this place.


We will live, learn and create in a Hawaiian village of sound. This camp-style retreat will be very relaxed. Just steps away from the warm tropical water of Tunnels beach, near a deserted ancient Lemurian valley with beautiful waterfalls, gardens, caves and cool streams with freshwater pools to explore. Stargazing every night as the warm breeze dances around you. Nature will be your guide into your journey with these jewels of sound.


Experience the pure bliss of alchemy crystal singing bowls in this ancient place of remembering.