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What are Crystal Singing Bowls?

Crystal Singing Bowls are quartz crystal vessels that produce resonant sound when vibration is introduced into them. The bowls we carry are made in America from 99.992% pure crushed North Carolina quartz and heated to about 4000 degrees in graphite molds. Crystal Singing bowls are available in either the Classic Frosted or Alchemy Quartz Crystal. (back to top)

What are Alchemy Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls?

We specialize in Alchemy and Master Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls made by Crystal Tones™. These bowls are made of pure quartz crystal that has been infused with precious metal, minerals and other earth elements (the alchemies.) They are much lighter and more responsive than the traditional classic frosted crystal singing bowls. Alchemy Quartz Singing Bowls have a more penetrating, resonant ring that is rich in musical overtones. Energetically, these alchemy bowls entrain higher, more refined, vibratory frequencies. (back to top)

What sizes do Alchemy Quartz Crystal Singing bowls come in?

Our Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls range in size from 6” up 13” in diameter and are available in round bottom, flat bottom and practitioner bowls that have handles allowing the sound to be directed. The size of the bowls determine the octave (the larger the bowl, the lower the octave.) (back to top)

What are Classic Frosted Quartz Singing Bowls?

Classic Frosted Quartz Singing Bowls are the earliest crystal singing bowls available on the market. They are derived from crucibles used by the technology and semi-conductor industries in the production of silicon chips. These early bowls were “discovered” sometime in the mid-1970s when people began incorporating these crystal crucibles into the extended family of the metal Tibetan Singing Bowls. The Classic Frosted Quartz Singing bowls available today are “purpose-built” as singing bowls and range in size from 8”up to 24”in diameter. (back to top)

How much do crystal bowls cost?

The Alchemy and Master Alchemy bowls start at $800 and range in price up to $3,000 or more, depending upon the kind of bowl and the size. The average price for a master alchemy bowl is approximately $1,200. Prices vary depending on the type, size and alchemy of the bowl. Classic Frosted Crystal bowls range in price from about $175 and up. (back to top)

Why do the bowls sing?

The quartz used to make the bowls is very pure with no lead or other amendment to reduce its strength. During the proprietary molding process the bowls are heated and cooled in a way that results in a very strong crystalline structure. When vibration is introduced into the resulting bowl using a leather mallet, that crystal structure resonates creating sound. The analogy we use is to think of the suede covered wand as the bow and the bowl as the string of a cello. When the wand (the bow) is moved around the rim of the bowl (the string) the resulting vibration is perceived by the ear as sound. (back to top)

How do you play the bowls?

With a little coaching and practice, Crystal Singing Bowls are simple and easy to play. The sound of a crystal singing bowl is made by softly chiming the side of the bowl with a suede covered wand or circling the outside rim of the bowl with a steady, even-handed pressure. With continued pressure and movement around the rim, the tone initiated by the chime builds in clarity and intensity. All crystal singing bowls have a clear, pure-tone resonance. The larger bowls give off a deeper, more reverberant ring. The medium and smaller bowls have a higher pitched, bell-like clarity and chime.


Bowls can be played by either resting the bowl on its base O-ring or holding the bowl in the palm of your hand balancing the bowl. (Try not to touch the sides with your fingers as they will absorb the bowl’s vibration.) You can think of the bowl as the string of a stringed instrument and the leather wand is the bow. Using the wand, vibration is introduced into the bowl which we perceive as sound. We find that consistency in pace and firmness generate the most pleasing sound. Once the bowl is singing, remove the mallet and allow the bowl to resonate as you tune in and enjoy the energy.

Chiming the Bowl: To begin we lightly chime the Bowl, this is done by gently striking the bowl about a third of the way down from the edge. Then let the Bowl sing!

Singing the Bowl: Standard hand position is holding the mallet in the middle like a pen. Place the mallet at a slight angle and begin to move it around the edge slowly holding the pressure against the Bowl. Do this a few times and let the sound build up and then let the Bowl sing, do this for a brief time and then start again.

It is important to remember to never over play the Bowl or Gong too hard: keep the energy in balance. Do not make contact at the top of the Bowl while singing. Hold the Bowl in a state of grace with your intention. Every hand movement in handling the Bowl should be done with this presence. (back to top)

Do you teach how to play the bowls?

If you visit with us in Kauai we are always available to teach and demonstrate technique during our normal business hours. (back to top)

What determines the bowl’s note?

Each bowl decides its own note! The intangibles of diameter, height, shape and wall thickness all determine the tuning and note. Even the alchemists who make the bowls cannot predict what the tuning will be until the bowl comes out of the furnace for the last time. (back to top)

Are you using A440 tuning or A432?

Yes. We use both tuning systems. We can tell what every bowl is in either system. If you are looking for a particular note in either tuning, send us a request and we will search our inventory and reply with some suggested bowls. (back to top)

Does the Alchemy affect the sound of the bowl?

In our experience, the alchemy on the bowls affects the energetic frequency produced by the bowl. Think of it this way, the vehicle is the resonating quartz crystal, while the message is the frequency of the alchemy picked up in the sine wave of the sound produced by the bowl. So when a Rose Quartz bowl is played, the essence of the rose quartz (unconditional love and infinite peace) is transported via the sound. (back to top)

What do the bowls come with?

Each bowl comes with everything you need to play it; a suede covered wand, O-ring, and written instructions. Specially designed carrying cases for bowls are available at modest cost. (back to top)

Do you ship?

Yes, Of Course. All bowls are lovingly packed, shipped and insured via UPS worldwide. Shipping costs are calculated depending on your location and will be added to the cost of your bowl. If you purchase from us in person in Kauai, we offer specially designed carrying case for the bowls that fit in the airline overhead carry-on compartments that allow you to hand carry your bowls home! (back to top)

How can I carry my bowls when I travel?

We have hard and soft carrying cases available to help protect your bowl in transport. These can be purchased at the time you order your bowls and are strongly recommended if you plan on carrying your bowls from place to place to share them with others. (back to top)

How do I take care of the bowls?

Occasionally you may want to clean your bowls to remove oils and other build-up that can occur with extensive use. Usually a cotton cloth and some water will do the trick. If need be, you can also use a mild dish soap. Never use abrasives cleaners, steel wool or abrasive sponges. (back to top)

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If you have additional questions, email or call us!  We are always available to help continue to guide you on your sound journey. (back to top)