Our Itinerary

This is a short synopsis of the day to day flow of our camp.

Just like sailing when you pull up the rigging with the sails attached and set your course every day, there are always going to be variables that affect when you will arrive at your destination. The changing currents, winds and skills will effect your journey...but if you keep your heart and eyes open you will arrive...


...and you will have a story to tell...


Day One       E Komo mai

Sunday 9/17/2017

E komo mai...Welcome friend

The journey into sacred sound begins. 

Arrival day at Camp Naue, Haena.  Camp opens at 11:00am its time to unpack and explore the magical and beautiful aina (land) of Haena.

Relax and connect with the island vibes.
We gather in the late afternoon to introduce ourselves and get to know who we are  sharing this adventure with, then break for our dinner and sunset.
After dinner we have our opening ceremony to set our intentions and experience our first bowl journey together.


Day Two        Ni nau    Ke Keno Kue

Monday 9/18/2017

Ni nau -Inquiry & Ke keno kue -Technique

After morning free time and delicious breakfast we gather at the halau for class.

We begin with an overview of sound, the history and science of the singing crystal bowls and theories behind sound therapy.

Then we begin to play!

We guide you on techniques and styles of playing the singing bowls. We demonstrate and practice each skill, allowing you to access and cultivate your style of playing with confidence and understanding.

After a wonderful morning of playing bowls we recess for lunch and afternoon free time. It's the perfect time for a swim, snorkeling or exploring.

After a relaxing break, we gather for late afternoon session at the halau.  Our focus is on understanding the elements of the bowls. You begin to cultivate your inner knowing and feeling of each alchemy.

After our deliciously prepared dinner and we gather on the beach for a sunset meditation with bowls.

Camp Naue is nestled under the Kamani Trees at the opening of an ancient Lemurian valley

Day Three     Malama Pono

Tuesday 9/19/2017

 Malama Pono- to take care of & protect goodness, well being & uprightness


After our morning free time and breakfast we will gather at our halau (school).

Crystal will introduce some guidance on the importance of self-care, support and mindfulness when playing bowls.

We will cultivate the art of creating safe space with sound.

As our perception deepens we will begin to explore the beautiful tones and intervals in the bowls. How each bowl reveals its self to the individual and evolves our understanding of consciousness.

We will recess for our lunch and afternoon free time.

We will gather again in the late afternoon at the halau.

Our next journey with the bowls will be singing the tones with the chakras. This is the first time we will harken the energy bodies with intention and sound.

We will recess for another enjoyable dinner and sunset.


Tonight we celebrate the new moon. We will journey to the dry cave where we attend a special ceremony with Crystal Sound.


Day Four                 Lohe Ho'ole

Wednesday 9/20/2017

Lohe- hear   Ho'olohe -listen


We will gather at our Halau after our morning free-time and breakfast.

Our focus today will be on deep listening.

We will learn how to play the Practitioner Singing Crystal Bowls with skill and understanding . These Bowls are powerful tools for experiencing subtle energy.

We will guide you in special tuning in techniques with the practitioner bowls that allows for increased sensitivity to the energy bodies.

Practice with the Practitioners!

We recess for lunch and afternoon free-time. Swimming and exploring.

In the late afternoon we will gather at the Halau for our next journey with the Bowls.

We will begin to explore the sharp notes.

Experience how they sound and feel with the energy body.

We will practice playing sharps with whole notes bowls. This will help you understand integrating the harmonics with the chakras.

After our scrumptious dinner its time to relax and enjoy the tropical twilight.

Day Five          Mele

Thursday 9/21/2017



After our morning free-time and a delicious breakfast it's gathering time at the Halau.

We begin this morning with a exploration of the energy bodies with our voices. Singing to the soul.

We will encourage our voices to join and harmonize with the bowls.  We will seek our healing sound thru deep listening with the bowls.  We will be learning and practicing seed sounds with the crystal bowls for self healing.

Flow and putting it all together.

Recess time for our yummy lunch.

After lunch we will be leaving camp and traveling to a special location and event. We will be visiting a female Heiau (temple) on private land. We will explore and experience this place of ancestral healing with sound and silence. It will be a great honor to learn from the ancestors so listen....

We will journey back to our camp for our farewell dinner and celebration.

Day Six        Aloha

Friday 9/22/2017

Aloha- hello,farewell ...love

After our morning time and breakfast we will gather for our closing circle ceremony.

Mahalos and memory's - time to take some pictures with our beautiful sound family and then begin our journey home.

Together we close the camp.