Sedona Red Rock/Mother of Platinum 7" D# -30 (432 True Tone)

Sedona Redrock/Platinum

This powerful alchemy is a connection key to the Sedona Stargate of awareness and is made from the triad vortex sandstone of Airport Rock, Bell Rock, and Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. The strength of the Sedona Red Rock vortex energy offers a transformational doorway to our ancestral connectedness. Merging into the Stargate, one recalls the sacredness of ceremony, and the importance of the work we are doing know on this planet. Uniting with Elder Energy and embracing our service mission with praise and gratitude, we more readily accept this state of re-birthing, and truly see the fear frequency patterns as a temporal and temporary illusion. The sacredness in the process of spiritual progress is the calling of Red Rock, as one experiences the Sedona frequency and allows the overtones of it's truth to permeate the great All.


The truly beautiful synergy of the Platinum and Crystal creates a unique experience for the whole body. It is an energetic of joy and purity. Platinum balances the energy centers (Chakras) and meridians of the physical body creating an alignment of the physical body to the etheric body. It detoxifies and aligns the light fields (subtle bodies) and increases the ability to absorb more light. When we engage with the Platinum energetic we are freeing ourselves of judgment and learning to accept ourselves and others.


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Sedona Red Rock/MOP 7" D# -30 (432 True Tone)


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